Boarding Release

In the event my pet becomes ill, I authorize the attending veterinarian to administer treatment as is considered therapeutically and/or diagnostically necessary. I also consent to the administration of such anesthetics, as are necessary and surgical procedures of an emergency nature. I understand that the Doctors or Staff will make every effort to contact me prior to any treatment or medication over a cost of $100.00 and or surgical care of major medical emergency.

  • I agree to pay for any and all vaccinations that are deemed necessary for my pets stay.
  • If a medical problem is discovered during my pets stay, I understand that care will be provided I and agree to pay for all necessary treatment.
  • I agree to pay for flea treatment if fleas or flea dirt are found on my pet on admission or during my pets stay.
  • I understand that boarding rates are charged by the night. 
  • I agree to pay in full for all services rendered at the time of discharge.
  • I understand that there are no pick ups outside of the Normal Business hours.